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What's The Gimmick?


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There is none!

Read this to understand how we can offer you this unbelievable promotion.

  • The average annual rate of occupancy for resort hotels in the U.S. is approximately 60%
  •  This means that around 40% of their rooms are vacant...a needless lose because operating expenses are nearly the same @ 100% occupancy.
  • Our company fills these empty rooms, and the resorts benefit from additional revenue that ordinarily would be lost.
  • Most people spend additional money on meals, attractions, souvenirs, etc...thereby increasing hotel revenues even more.
  • While on vacation, many guests will book additional nights and will pay the regular room rates...our company makes money when they do this.

Everybody Wins!

Our company fills empty rooms. The resorts acquire new customers and larger profits. Your business gains a competitive edge in your marketplace, and your customers get something they want to enjoy!

The Promotional Possibilities are Endless!

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