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Rochester Big & Tall bought our cruise certificates . Sold sportswear and accessories totaling $436,500.00 in one month using our product.

Melaleuca Wellness Center in partnership with Alliance Health Card ran a July promotion offering our 3 Day Vacation as a gift with their Health Care Savings program enrollment. They enrolled 3,000 additional members on the strength of our program.

St. Clair Chevrolet ran television, radio and print ads, within 36 hours after receiving our certificates sold 21 cars the first day the ads hit.

Monroe Muffler purchased our 3 Day Vacations. Issued the first 17 days without any form of advertisement, they recorded an 18% increase in their oil change business.

Mary Kay Cosmetics has reported 23% in sales increase nationwide by using the 3 Day Vacations to get a demonstration and the Condo certificates as a gift with purchase.

Ford Jewelers decided to offer a vacation to customers who spent $500.00 or more.

National Jewelers Magazine deemed the promotion successful enough to merit an article in their monthly magazine.

Kia Towne of Michigan bought our vacation incentives and the first week of the promotion had 400 test drives taken. We were having trouble getting people into the showroom and this worked and sales came because of the traffic, it is an edge over the competition.

Andriana Furs ran an ad over the Valentines weekend for any purchase of furs at $3,000 or better will receive a certificate for a Carnival Cruise. The first day the ad ran Andriana sold 30 fur coats. Retail has been down and we needed to do something different from the competitors, and it worked.

Team Chevrolet ran a promotion of a Cruise with a purchase of a vehicle. The dealership sold 27 cars in a two day period.


It doesn’t matter what business you are in, our products work.